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Communications, Education & Outreach at IPAC

The IPAC Communications and Education (ICE) team - provides comprehensive Workforce, Education, Public Outreach and Communications (WEPOC) planning, programming and execution for science missions and projects.

The IPAC Communications and Education (ICE) team provides strategic planning, development and programming in public outreach, formal and informal education programs, science visualization, graphic design, media relations, strategic and crisis communications, video, animation, website and applications development, strategic planning and execution of workforce pipeline development and more.

The IPAC Communications and Education team has worked in a variety of environments and at a range of levels of effort, from supporting the full range of Workforce, Education, Public Outreach and Communications (WEPOC) planning, development, execution and development for large projects like the Spitzer Space Telescope and TMT, to specialized and one-time activities like press release imagery and multimedia for LIGO, Kepler and NuSTAR, or websites for LIGO and OST.

ICE is a partner in NASA's Universe of Learning: a program that connects the science, technology, subject matter experts (SMEs), and adventure of NASA Astrophysics with STEM concepts, education standards, and 21st century skills central to science understanding and literacy.


Outreach & Communications

The ICE group supports outreach and communications to various audiences within and beyond the science community.

Website Development

IPAC maintains a number of high-visibility websites that connect the astronomical community to key archives, databases, and projects.

Animation/Video Production

The production team at IPAC has been producing high quality audio and video projects for over a decade, and has historically been quick to adopt new technologies.


IPAC has expertise and experience in planning, developing and implementing a wide range of formal and informal educational programs.

Science Visualization & Illustration

IPAC has a long tradition of creating cutting-edge data visualizations, such as the first all-sky representations of the infrared universe and a complete infrared view of the Milky Way plane from Spitzer.

Virtual Reality

The production team at IPAC has been developing VR experiences that transport users to places they could typically never travel to. These experiences are not only visually sensational, but they effectively communicate science concepts to the general public.


NASA’s Universe of Learning connects the science, technology, subject matter experts, and advent...

Universe Unplugged


Cool Cosmos

The “Cool Cosmos” web portal offers a wealth of education and outreach materials motivated by the desire to communicate the infrared world and the universe of infrared astronomy to the public.

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NITARP, the NASA/IPAC Teacher Archive Research Program, is a mechanism for getting authentic research experiences ultimately into classrooms across the United States. The mission of NITARP is to contribute to the fundamental NASA goals of inspiring and motivating students to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) as well as to engage the public in shaping and sharing the experience of exploration and discovery.

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